How to Make a Wooden Watch

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How to make a Wooden Watch – Step by Step Guide   Only the Prices are Cheap, Not the Products.  So here I go, Let me just first throw you an aerial view of a watch, by breaking it down into its parts. Hands – the needles that tells you what time it is right now. Dial – The surface on which numbers from 1 to 12 are laid down. Crystal – The transparent clear glass that you see on top of every wrist watch. It separates the outer environment from the inner, of the watch dial. Band or Strap – The thing that...

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6 Ways to Correctly Care For Your Wood Watch

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6 Ways to Correctly Care For Your Wood Watch Posted by Tmbr  You’ve just received your new Tmbr. watch and want to hold it and love it just as you would a newborn. It can take a tremendous amount of use but just to make sure that it will stand the tests of time, we have a few tips to make sure it can last for the ages. Cleaning Keeping your precious wood watch clean and free from dirt and dust is essential for keeping it functioning for many years to come. We understand that most people rarely take off their...

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