Customize Dog&Dog Owner Vertical Easel Back Canvas Holiday of Gift -Lakeside Deck 2

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  • A fully customized Vertical Easel frame is the first choice for commemoration.
  • Let us help you and your pet's good time freeze on the Vertical Easel frame!
  • It comes with a sturdy gift box to protect the Vertical Easel frame intact, for personal or as a gift.
  • Depending on your needs, it can be hung on a wall or placed on a table.
  • More products with your personal design and uniqueness
  • Utilization of the imported printing technology, the picture is clearly visible on the canvas.
  • Non-toxic and safe.
Material: Matte chemical fiber canvas + MDF + Fir
Production time: about 4 days
Size: 4"* 6"
         8"* 10"
         9.5"* 12"
Scene: Lakeside Deck 2

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